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Paul Rogers (aka Solid) was born in the California Bay Area in 1989, and at a young age began listening to music. By the age of 10 he was buying cassettes and cd’s and found hip-hop. He began writing rhymes when he was 11. He moved to the Sacramento area and began taking piano lessons and grew to love diverse styles of music. In the fall of 2006 he began making hip-hop beats and producing music with a friend. Shortly afterwards, he began traveling to shows and events and was introduced to people who were passionate about God outside of the typical church setting. He understood the Gospel, grew in his faith, and become serious about serving and following Jesus. 1 Corinthians 15:58 became the inspiration for "SOLID", which stands for Serving Our Lord In Devotion. He began putting his lyrics to his beats and started ministering in the Sacramento area while still in high school. Solid also discovered his gift of freestyle rapping, and enjoys entertaining crowds with improv songs created from topics given to him on the spot by the audience. 


Solid began planning his first studio album in early 2008 while living in San Luis Obispo and released "Rhyme & Reason" in summer 2009. In the years after releasing Rhyme & Reason, Solid spent time studying, working, and ministering as he finished college. He was able to spend time living in Fresno- CA, San Sebastián- Spain (Basque Country), Mayagüez- Puerto Rico, and Pomona- CA, and grew immensely from seeing God move in diverse groups of people. After finishing university in 2012 Solid moved to Southern California and in July 2014 Solid released his sophomore album "Epidemic", a project fueled by life experiences and the issues of grief, poverty, injustice, disappointment, hypocrisy, addiction and sin that affect us all. These experiences have been transformed into hope and power through the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Solid was a member of ChristFM Concerts, a hip-hop ministry that allowed him to share his music in outreaches at public schools, churches, housing projects, benefit concerts, and more throughout California, Mexico, and Kenya. After a few years of traveling and living in Wisconsin, Mexico, and Tennessee, Solid returned to Sacramento in 2017 where he currently resides with his wife and son. His third project "AWAYWITHWORDS" released in July 2022, and his first Spanish album, Raíces y Alas, is scheduled for release later in 2022.



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