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Rhyme & Reason


The title Rhyme & Reason was significant in a number of ways. First and foremost, Solid passionately explains his “Reason” for the album, which is to stand firm and proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to those that are willing to hear. Solid is also passionate about “Rhyme”- that is lyricism and the art of emceeing. These themes are the driving force behind every track. In addition, the majority of the rhymes on the album were written by Solid to beats he produced using Reason 3.0, adding a hidden meaning to the title. 


Rhyme & Reason is a diverse album, featuring many artists and musical styles. The production includes west-coast, dirty south, underground, pop, funk, rock, and r&b vibes. The majority of tracks are produced by Mike Burns and Solid, with additional production from K-Drama (Swerve) and live guitar by Karl Gurney (Soul Cries). Additional vocals on the album come from many talented rappers and singers including MC Risk, J-Hoov, Melody Dawson, Alfred Hines, Jasmine Pickett, and Mike Burns. The lyrics are well thought out, witty, serious, and honest, and Solid hopes that they touch the hearts of listeners. His hope is that people would be driven to humble themselves, pursue and love God, and love others. He hopes that people would “Step Up” and pursue the Lord, not just at youth group or in a service, but in their passions and entire life. Solid intentionally puts numerous Scripture references in his lyrics, hoping that people would be driven to open up their Bibles and read for themselves. 


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