On the Prowl *New Single*

On October 13, 2015 Solid released a new single called 'On the Prowl' confronting the raw reality of sexual secrets and trafficking in our culture:

'From videos to strip clubs, they ain't just tryna get paid, that money goes to pimps and gangs and supports the sex trade. Men think they're fly? You're trapped in a web, yeah that web page. They're underage, facing rape every day but in many ways can get saved'

Over 2,000 cases of trafficking have be reported this year, nearly 400 of them in California (http://www.traffickingresourcecenter.org/type-trafficking/sex-trafficking).

Join the fight against sex trafficking by confessing any sin that you have hidden and receiving healing and forgiveness. You can be FREE in Jesus' name.

Visit the following sites for examples of how you can make a difference:





Listen and download the new single "On the Prowl"